Different Types of Steak

Steak. What’s there to say about steak apart from that it’s delicious, juicy, tender and full of protein? Whether you love a specific cut of meat or are clueless when it comes to different types of steak, this article can help. With the below information you will be able to differentiate the difference between various cuts of steak and choose the best steak for your party, event or cooking needs.

Today you will find a variety of different types of steaks but the most popular steaks include:

Filet Mignon- If you are looking for boneless steak that’s tender, this is it! The filet can be found between the sirloin and short loin. Filet mignon is part of the tenderloin which means that the meat is tender and lean. Since this is the most tender steak, it is the most expensive. You should definitely enjoy a filet mignon at least on special occasions to treat yourself and your taste buds.

T-Bone Steaks- Another popular steak is T-bone. This steak comes from the short loin and comes with a t-shaped bone. The smaller section of the T-bone steak is the fillet mignon while the larger section is the New York Strip steak. With this cut of mean, you get the best of both worlds.

New York Strip- This steak is also known by its other names such as; strip, Kansas City strip, top loin, or top sirloin. This meat is found in the short loin in the area behind the rib. The New York Strip steak is a nice piece of meat with some marbling, which is the fat.  

Ribeye Steaks- Ribeye steaks are from the ribcage, hence the name for this meat. Unlike the T-bone steak or New York Strip steak, ribeye steaks have a lot of fat (marbling) which gives the meat a nice and rich flavor.

Flat Iron Steak- If you are craving steak but are on a tight budget, flat iron steak will satisfy your needs. This meat comes from the shoulder and is a tougher meat but still flavorful. The texture of the meat it due to the cut of the steak which is with the grain not against it.

Sirloin Steak- This meat comes from the cow’s rear back portion and is a juicy and tender meat. Sirloin has a lot of marbling like the ribeye steak and plenty of meat for you to delight in.

These are some of the different types of steaks that are available today. Whatever way you choose to cook it you are sure to enjoy your meat. Be sure to try a variety of steak to find out what you like best and experience the numerous options and beefy flavors.